Mass Movie Biz?

Well, I must say, my state's better than yours. We were the first to kick tea off a boat. We started a revolution. We had the first shopping mall in the country. We were the first to legalize gay marriage.

And now? We're getting a movie studio, yo.

A formal naval base will be converted into the biggest movie helm in New England, called This Studio Complex. They're planning for 14 sound stages, making it the biggest in MA. It'll take $300 million to build, but I'm sure the movie industry won't care when state tax credits reduce the studio costs by 25%.

I personally think it's a great idea! It'll create tons of new jobs, which will stimulate the economy, and I have plenty of ridiculously talented friends who will hopefully take advantage of this opportunity and maybe use it to sling-shot themselves to stardom. Maybe I'll even submit screenplays. Or hell, act! It'd be fun to act again.

Of course, they're shooting to start building in 2009, but I can't imagine it taking that long. Good things are looming on the horizon!

Contact your representative and tell them you give it a big, hearty HELLZ YEAH!



Eric Shonkwiler said...

Your state smells like fish ass and its residents talk funny.

That aside, I love your reviews, and love talking to other writers. Will probably consult this blog before I next head to the theaters.

R.C. said...

Don't judge us because we dropped 'R' from the alphabet. And the fish smell is intentional.

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the blog. It's a lot of fun to write (and it means I get to the movies at least once a week!), but it makes it all seem worth it when I get comments like yours.

Stay tuned! Spring's coming, and with it will be a myriad of new flicks!

-- R.C.