Blessed Irreverance... Or, the return of the "chester" comics.

Chester Comics was a series of short, semi-surreal comics about the people at my former college. They were quite the hit, but after I transferred I stopped making them. However, I decided a few weeks ago that I would continue them, only dealing with a much broader playing field, different people and subject matter...

And I bring them to you!

edit: I hate this blog template.


Mars said...


Do you mean the TicTacToe one you're using right now? 'Cause it's the same one I'm using :-P Either way, I agree that they need some better ones.

Yeah, I caved in and got one. Figured my RL LJ will be for personal stuff, and this can be for whatever.

R.C. said...

It's not even that. I can't post a large image because it'll be cut off on the right.

AND YOU'RE ON BLOGSPOT!!! ::subscribes::

Mars said...

Yikes, thanks for telling me, that would have played havoc on my photos. Actually, I pretty much gave up on uploading photos to blogger and just got myself a new Photobucket.

::subscribes to yours too, after much flailing about trying to figure out how to do so::