Tonight, I decided to show the world my love for Disney by going to see Enchanted, a movie where the animated and real worlds collide. And it was the most adorable thing ever.

Perpetually-optimistic and saccharine Princess Giselle (Amy Adams), having found Prince Edward (James Marsden) just yesterday, is on her way to the chapel to be married to him so that they may have their happily ever after. However, Edward's wicked mother Narissa (Susan Sarandon) refuses to let her son be married, because then she would lose her throne. So she tricks Giselle into taking a little detour to make a wish at a magic wishing well -- and pushes the princess down it, sending her to a world "where there are no happily ever afters", aka New York City, where Giselle is shocked that the real world isn't all sunshine and puppies. She meets jaded divorce attorney Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) and they... you probably know where this is going.

What a clever concept, Disney! I mean, seriously. I applaud you. It's about time you came up with something original.

The movie was charming and never had a down moment. Adams delights as Giselle, complete with shocked gasps and swooning and spontaneous singing and choreographed dancing, thinking the best of everyone (she's heard of being angry but never knew it really happened). Dempsey is hilarious as Robert, who doesn't sing or dance or believe in happily ever afters, even after 5 years of dating his girlfriend, Nancy (Indina Menzel). Sarandon, deliciously evil as Narissa, hams it up, channeling every evil Disney queen, from Maleficent to Ursula.

And James Marsden... oh my GAHD, he rocked as clueless and conceited Prince Edward, on his quest to save his true love, which includes stabbing buses and breaking out into song only to be run over by a group of bikers. He was so over-the-top and campy that he completely stole the show.

And the best part? EVERY SINGLE Disney cliché was used. I mean, all of them. From Snow White's poisoned apple to Cinderella's slave labor helpful rodents... Huh. There were a lot of animals in this film. What is this, Esop's fables?

Anyway, Enchanted was light, fluffy fun and a great way to pass 2 hours.

I give Enchanted 4 out of 5. If only because Timothy Spall didn't get enough screen time.


Colleen V. said...

I want to see this movie so bad!

R.C. said...

You should!

Taylor said...

Some friends and I were planning on going to see this just because we love Disney. I'm glad that it's actually good so I won't feel like I wasted my $10. RC power!


Justin said...

Wow,you sealed the deal for me. I was back and forth about that move several times but now I will go see it. THANK GOD FOR COURTNEY SMITH

Poet said...

I have been so excited to go see Enchanted, I can't hardly wait! So in the meantime I've been reading all the articles. *G*

How many homages did YOU see?

And now I get to sit through the whole thing looking for subtle Disney-homages. \o/

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review - I've been wondering if I should see this!

danae said...

*scoots over here from your lj*

man, I'm starting to want to see this movie. I watched bits of the making of... and there is spontaneous dancing and singing! in the middles of Central Park! and James Marsden looks goofy!

Anonymous said...

I'm a self-proclaimed Disney-phobe, but I have a crush on Susan Sarandon, so I may have to see this. Thanks for the push.


schwul-und-liberal said...

James Marsden is simply da best!

Denise said...

You write very well.