Funny how the name of the boot is synonymous with a sound that conveys disgust.

You see them on the streets, in store windows, on the feet of girls ages 12-23. UGG boots are the new fashion phenomenon sweeping the nation. They are the ubiquitous suede boot lined on the inside with sheep's wool or whateverthefuck it is, coming in an assortment of colors and heights. They can't be worn in the rain or snow, but they can be yours for a bargain at $130!

I think "UGG" means "the end of fashion as we know it".

Those stupid boots drive me crazy. Not because they're warm, not because they're shapeless and tacky as all hell, and not because of the price, but because EVERYONE'S wearing them. When I say everyone, I mean it. My mother has been searching high and low for a pair of UGGs, but no store carries them because they've been on backorder since October. It's now March. Still backordered.

Did I miss something? Did the boat leave and was I just not on it? Did I not get the memo?

What makes these boots so special?

Answer: NOTHING.

UGG boots are stealing the individuality of girls all across the country. They're taking away the freedom to express one's own style. You know how I know this? Because every girl I see now looks the same: they all sport a simple top and sweatpants or jeans, which are tucked into a pair of UGGs. All of them. ALL OF THEM!

These days, having UGGs makes you automatically cool, and that just doesn't fly with me. They've become this status symbol in our society. But not only that, people who don't like UGGs are starting to stereotype the girls who are wearing them, and THAT doesn't fly with me either. These boots are nothing but trouble.

Girls, you aren't Eskimos! And you're not Aborigines! And why the hell are these boots from Australia, anyway? It's a million and one degrees down there! Who wears wool-lined boots in that kind of heat?

Take back your individuality. It won't make you any less cool to wear a pair of sneakers, or flats, or a shirt that says "I Slept With Spongebob" (I own that shirt). Be free to make your own statement.

That goes for you Croc-wearing SOBs. I don't care how comfortable they are, you look like dumb asses.


Anonymous said...


I hate both UGGs and Crocs with a passion. I've heard that Crocs are comfortable but they are seeeriously ugly. flip-flops are comfortable, too! whatever happened to them?

and I doubt those UGGs are comfortable.

R.C. said...

Apparently UGGs are the most comfortable things ever. It's not that that I'm against, it's the fact that EVERYONE'S wearing them. I hate a lack of creativity anywhere, but most of all in style.

::sigh:: Maybe it's a fad that'll just fade away in a year or so.

Anonymous said...

I've seen people wearing uggs since my senior year in high school. So that was about three years ago- I'm not sure if they'll fade away in a year. I don't have a pair just because they're so expensive- but I have a pair of boots that sort of look like them. They're just more comfortable to wear than rainboots or shoes when it's snowing or raining or extremely cold out. When you have to walk from south campus to north through a ton of ice and slush this very very good thing.

I dunno, I feel like they're just boots so who cares that everyone is wearing them. No big really. At least it's making girl wear a senseable pair of shoes when it's snowing out.

Emily said...

UM have you ever tried a pair on? It's like walking on clouds ;) I have 2 pairs because they are the most comfortable footwear ever!! LOL I don't care if they are considered 'unfashionable' I will pair them with anything and its such a relief especially after spending all day in heels at the office. Uggs are comfy and I want nothing but something easy to throw on at the end of the day and the weekends :D

R.C. said...

I know they're comfortable. I'm not doubting that.

It's the fact that EVERYONE wears them that bothers me. Having UGGs automatically makes you cool; I don't like that they're now a status symbol.

Taylor said...

HATE UGGs. They are ugly and unbelievably expensive, and in my experience, only a certain "clique" wears them -- which only makes them worse.

Good thing about fashion is that all trends fade eventually.

Samantha said...

While UGGS do feel like sex on your feet, that is no reason to be wearing them.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.


Bailey said...

let ppl wear their uggs, if they choose fashion over style (in your opinion) then watev all i kno is as much as ppl hate them that will never stop ppl from wearing or tlking about them like you!

R.C. said...

1. The phrase 'choosing fashion over style' makes no sense whatsoever. That's like me saying that I'd rather have a Malus domestica than an apple. They're the same thing.

2. I'm not stopping anyone from wearing their UGGs. I don't care that you wear UGGS -- great! I'm glad you do! Your feet are comfortable. Fantastic. What I'm upset about is that they've become a status symbol, and by not wearing them you're immediately branded as uncool. To me, as someone who doesn't wear them, I see wearing UGGS as a loss of individuality.

Next time you're outside, take a look around and count how many girls are wearing UGGS. They're like carbon copies of each other.

Also, I'm sorry that "ppl like me", or whatever the hell that means, are allowed to express AN OPINION. If you can't write out the entire word and have to rely on text-speak, don't comment.